How do I enter?

To enter, you must, during the Competition Period, upload your image(s) via the Competition website, following the on-screen instructions carefully.

How do I resize my image?

Open your preferred image editor and do the following:

- Click on Image > Image size.

- Change the resolution to 72 pixels/inch and make the longest side 2000 pixels.

- Click OK to save your changes.

For full instructions on setting up for file for submission, CLICK HERE

How much does it cost?

Entry fees are as follows:

• $25 for one (1) photo;

• $60 for three (3) photos submitted at the same time;

• $90 for five (5) photos submitted at the same time.

Any cost associated with accessing the Competition Website is your responsibility and is dependent on the internet service provider used.

Can I enter more than once?

Yes, multiple entries are encouraged, subject to the following:

• each entry must be substantially unique;

• each entry must be submitted in accordance with entry requirements.

Can I enter someone else's photo(s)?

No. The images presented for judging must be photographic in origin and must be your original work. Any post-production must also be your work.

What are the file specifications?

You must upload each entry as a digital file via the Website according to the following specifications:

• sRGB colour space, 8-bit;

• Measure 2000 pixels on the longest side;

• Image to be saved as a JPEG at a setting of 8 (80%) or higher.

• Rename each image using the format "First name_last name_image number.jpg"

• Finalists may be asked to provide a high resolution digital file (RAW if possible).

What are the prizes?

• Prizes are listed on the prizes page

Can I convert the prizes to cash?

No. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash, unless otherwise specified.

How long does the competition run?

The Competition closes at midnight AEST on 30 June 2015.

Who are the judges?

The panel of judges will be, Ken Duncan, Andris Apse and Kevin Raber. More Infromation can be seen on the Judges page

How are the entries judged?

A panel of judges, will select four (4) winning entries across two categories.

o There will be a first place, second place and third place winner in the Open Category and one winner in the Junior Category.

This is a competition based on skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winners. Each entry will be individually judged based on the following criteria:

• Artistic merit of the image;

• Technical competency of the image;

• Photographic quality of the image;

• Photo taken within Australia;

• Adherence to the Competition theme: Capturing the quintessential Australian landscape;

• Minimal use of post-processing – an honest interpretation of the scene;

• Credibility of the image – the judges must deem it to be “believable”.

The Judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

When does judging take place?

o Judging will take place within one (1) week of the end of the Competition.

How and when will winners be notified?

o Winning entrants will be notified by email within two (2) weeks of the end of the Competition and their images will be exhibited in the Winners Gallery on the Competition website.

Where can I take photos for this competition?

o All images submitted must be taken within the Commonwealth of Australia.

o Entries submitted that are not taken within Australia will be ineligible for judging and entry fees for those images will be forfeited.

Who owns copyright on the images I submit?

You will retain ownership of the copyright in each entry you submit.

Entrants agree that each entry submitted to the Competition may be used by the Promoter for the purposes of marketing and promoting these Awards in 2015 and in future years.

o Entrants agree that each entry submitted to the Competition may be used by the Promoter free of charge for a book that may be published about the Competition at some time in the future.

Will my Images be sold?

o No. You are not giving away commercial usage rights when you enter the Competition. You retain copyright in your images and the Promoter is not able to use your images except as outlined in the Competition Terms and Conditions. Should an Event Partner wish to use your image/s for any purpose not associated with promoting the Competition, or should a third party wish to use your image/s for any purpose, we will refer that enquiry to you so you can negotiate an appropriate licensing fee for the usage.