1st place - Jarrod Castaing

2016 REAL Australia Landscape Photo Awards

2016 REAL Landscape Photo Awards Winners

1st Prize – Jarrod Castaing

2nd Prize – Debbie Stevens

3rd Prize – Ignacio Palacois

The REAL Australia Landscape Photo Awards are for people who want to express their creativity through photo realism.


I believe it’s important to recognise the existance of two very different forms of photography and make a clear distinction between them.  I separate these two diverse photographic styles by referring to them as Photo Realism and Photo Illustration.  Both artistic forms are legitimate – both require creativity and skill – and I personally like some of the digital creations. However, each has a different place in the market – and in the hearts and minds of consumers. That’s why we launched The REAL Australia Landscape Awards in 2015.  Ken Duncan

The judges will be looking for:

Images that capture the quintessential Australian landscape;

An honest interpretation of the scene, with minimal post-processing;

Images that are “believable”.

Entries open March 22 for your chance to share in a generous prize pool valued at over $50,000

1st place - Jarrod Castaing

1st place – Jarrod Castaing

2nd place - Debbie Stevens

2nd place – Debbie Stevens

3rd place - Ignacio Palacios

3rd place – Ignacio Palacios

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